3 August 2015

Keys to Responsible Dog Ownership

Anyone can adopt a cute little puppy, but it takes someone special to raise a dog responsibly. Before you make a big commitment, make sure you’re ready to adhere to these keys to responsible dog ownership.

Know how much dog you can comfortably care for.

Responsible dog owners don’t buy a large breed if they live in a tiny house with no yard. Plan ahead and think realistically about the right breed for you.

Think about medical care.

Your dog will need all of its shots, plus boosters, and it should be spayed or neutered as soon as possible. In addition to regular checkups, you’ll need to be able to afford to pay for treatments if your dog gets sick or hurt, too.

Get proper identification.

A dog tag with your address on it is a good start, but you should really consider having your dog microchipped. The information stored on the chip will help return your pet to you should he get lost. Be sure to update the database if you move to a new address or change telephone numbers.

Feed your dog responsibly.

Don’t rely on table scraps or cheap dog foods to feed your pet. Dogs have specific nutritional needs to stay healthy, so provide a high quality dog food.

Train your dog for its own safety.

Dog training and obedience is about more than just teaching your pet tricks; the ability to recall your dog in an instant could save its life. Consider professional dog training, or try training techniques at home using tips from training books or videos.

Know the laws regarding dogs, wherever you go.

Different provinces have different laws, so if you plan on travelling with your pet, be sure to find out the laws regarding leashing and immunizations. Keep your pet safe, and be responsible, wherever you travel.

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