30 October 2017

Keep Your Dog Healthy for Life

Your pet’s health plays a huge part in how long he’ll live. You may be giving your dog all your love and attention, but are you paying attention to his health? Here’s how to keep your dog healthy for his whole life, from puppy to senior.


Just like humans, dogs should have an annual checkup to make sure that they’re healthy. Your vet can help you with preventive care to keep your dog from getting sick as well as address any minor problems before they become major health hazards. Older dogs may benefit from twice a year visits, so find a vet you like and trust to keep your pup healthy.

Diet and weight

Although it’s tempting to shower your pet with treats along with your affections, it’s not a good idea. Your pet needs a healthy, balanced diet that most likely does not include foods from your plate. And having an overweight pup isn’t cute--it’s a health hazard for your pet. Obesity in dogs, like in humans, leads to a whole host of health problems that can shorten your dog’s life expectancy. Speak to your vet if you’re concerned about your dog’s weight.


In addition to checkups, vaccinations can help prevent your dog from getting very sick or even dying. Don’t skip your pet’s vaccinations, especially if you plan to let them around other dogs. Vaccinations keep your pet healthy and they help prevent the spread of nasty illnesses to other dogs, too.

Play and exercise

Dogs who get plenty of playtime are happier and healthier. Physical exercise not only helps keep your dog fit, it also helps keep them from getting depressed. Dogs crave mental and physical stimulation, so challenge your pet daily with toys designed to challenge them. Getting outside and playing with your dog is good for you, too, so enjoy that time together by taking a walk or playing catch in the backyard.

Dental care

Plaque on your dog’s teeth can lead to more than just ‘puppy breath,’ it can also lead to health problems like gum disease and painful teeth. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly or offer dental-friendly treats to combat plaque and doggie breath.

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