16 November 2015

Indoor Boredom Busters for Your Dog

So the weather outside is frightful, but your pup still wants to play. No need to layer up and brave the elements for a game of fetch just yet. Here are some fun indoor games you can play with your dog when it’s too nasty to go outside for fun.

Hide & Seek Treats

This is a simple game that all dogs will enjoy. Start by ‘hiding’ a treat in plain sight, then commanding your dog to find the treat. Praise him once he succeeds, and hide another treat in a more difficult location. Command your dog to find the treat again, and praise his success. You can even take your dog out of the room and hide several treats, then let him have fun finding them all.

Hide & Seek People

This is just the same as hide and seek with a child, but it’s with your dog instead. Hide in one room while your dog waits in another. Call your dog to find you, then remain as quiet as possible while he tries to locate you. If he does, reward him with cuddles or a treat.

Treat Dispensing Toys

These aren’t games, per se, but they can keep your pet engaged and entertained for hours. Buy ones that hold multiple treats and that are built to be sturdy. Balls with treat compartments can double as ‘fetch’ toys, too. You don’t even have to use treats; kibble works just as well.

Putting Away the Toys

Make this the last game you play for the day, and you might just encourage your dog to be tidy. Give your dog each of his toys, one at a time, and guide him to where they need to go. Encourage him to pick up all of the toys and put them away, then reward his good behaviour.

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