25 August 2015

How to Keep your Dog from Getting the School Time Blues

It can be an exciting time for the entire family when the kids head back to school in the fall, but one member of the family may not be so happy about it. If your dog seems to have the “school time blues” because your children aren’t at home, here are some ways you can help her handle the transition.

Don’t overlook exercise

During the summer, your dog had your kids to play with. Now that they’re in school, you’ll need to make sure she’s getting plenty of exercise to burn off the energy she’s not expending in play. Take her for a walk before taking the kids to school or let her out for a play in the yard. Burning off a little energy now will help curb destructive energy during the day.

More play time after dinner is a great idea, too. Don’t forget your pooch in the hustle and bustle of after-school activity.

Get him used to being alone

Before school even starts, practice leaving your dog alone for longer periods of time. This will help her adjust to a day without her human companions once school begins.

Provide a cozy bed

Give your dog a place to go and feel comforted when she’s home alone. A crate can work well for this, or any place your dog feels comfortable and secure.

If your dog stays outdoors during the day, make sure she has adequate shelter and plenty of water. A dog house can provide both shade and a feeling of security.

Give your dog a challenge

Mental stimulation helps fight off boredom, so be sure to leave something to stimulate your dog’s senses while everyone is gone. Toys that dispense treats, favourite chew toys and hidden treats will all help keep your pup entertained and challenged while you’re away.

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