How to Keep Your Dog Entertained During the Indoor Months

Dogs can get the winter blahs too. Depending where you live, the winter months might mean a whole lot of indoor time and a lot less running around. Keeping your pup's brain active can help keep them happy and out of trouble!

Winter usually means bad weather, lots of indoor time, and grumpy pets. If your dog is facing a case of the winter blues because you can’t get outside, use these activities to brighten up their day. Here’s how to keep your dog entertained when you can’t get outdoors.

Play Hide and Seek

Whether you hide a handful of treats or you hide your whole self, your dog will love playing this ‘seek the treat’ game. Start by removing your dog from the room, then hide treats in various spots. Turn your dog loose and let them locate the treats, then repeat the activity hiding fewer treats in more-difficult locations. Alternatively, don’t hide any treats, but instead hide yourself in another room and wait for your pet to sniff you out.

Teach your pet a new trick

If you’ve ever wanted your dog to be able to fetch your slippers or put away their toys, there’s no better time than the indoor winter months to teach them to do so. For fetching tricks, you’ll need to start by practicing the names of the objects you want your dog to fetch. Hold an object, say its name, and give it to your dog. Praise them during play with the object by using its name, then when you’re confident they know the word, add in the ‘bring’ or ‘fetch’ command.

If you aren’t sure how to teach a particular trick, the internet is full of videos and tips that walk you through each trick to make it easier for you to teach your pet.

Consider a doggie playdate

If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, invite a friend to bring their dog to your home for socialization. If it’s the first time your dog has met this ‘friend,’ make sure you introduce them on neutral territory before bringing them together in a home. If you go to someone else’s house for a doggie playdate, return the favour later and socialize in your own home to get your pup used to sharing their space.