31 October 2015

A Home for the Holidays - Gifting Pets

A cute little puppy with a bow around its neck may seem like the best Christmas present idea ever, but you really need to take a lot of things into consideration before giving a pet as a present. Here’s what you need to know about gifting pets this holiday season.

Know who will be responsible before you bring the pet home.

Talk it over with your family and be clear about the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. The new dog will need feeding, walking, someone to play with it and someone to clean up after it. Unless you want that responsibility to fall firmly on your shoulders, discuss it with the rest of the family first.

Be careful giving a pet as a surprise.

Settling a new pet into your home takes planning and patience. The pet will need to be taught where to eat, sleep and poop, and your recipients may not have time to give the new pet all the attention it needs those first few weeks when it arrives in its new home.

Holidays are hazardous to new pets.

Your family may not be used to having a playful pup underfoot during the holiday festivities, making your new pet an accident waiting to happen. Your new puppy won’t know that ornaments and tinsel aren’t for eating, and he may have ‘accidents’ while you’re trying to cook the Christmas dinner or open presents.

Getting a new pet at any time of the year takes patience, but it takes even more when you get one during the holidays. If you aren’t willing to make the time to keep your new pet safe, train it properly or spend time giving it the attention it needs, consider a different gift instead.

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