14 January 2019

Holiday Dog Safety Tips

The holidays can be fun for everyone, including your pets. If you get to be home over the holidays, you'll no doubt enjoy spending more time with your four-legged friend. However, the holidays can also be dangerous for dogs. Hidden hazards abound during the holidays, but here's how you can keep your dog safe throughout the season.

Dangerous decorations

Most people don't think twice about putting up their tree and trimming it with ornaments, tinsel, and lights. Unfortunately, that shiny tree is attractive to many dogs. Your pet may try to chew lighting cords or paw at ornaments that could break and injure your pet. The water from your Christmas tree can also be dangerous, since it can contain bacteria that can make your pup sick if ingested. And if you buy live plants like poinsettias for your decorations, you need to make sure they're out of reach of your pet.

Tasty danger

The holidays are often filled with food, including tasty chocolates and lots of scraps from the dinner table. While some foods are fine to share with your dog, know that others, like chocolate, some bones, and fatty foods, can be dangerous for your pet. Overindulgence isn't just a problem among humans--dogs can quickly become overweight when they indulge in too many treats, especially if they're spending less time outdoors due to cold weather.

Try to stick to dog-friendly treats and give them in moderation. Do you and your dog a favour and make it a point to get out for walks regularly. This will help both of you avoid the holiday weight gain that plagues many at this time of year.

Busy households

If you expect to have lots of visitors over the holidays, you might want to create a safe, quiet space for your dog to stay somewhere in your home. Most dogs don't like lots of people coming into their 'territory,' so be especially mindful with strangers and children trying to pet your dog. Also, be aware that dogs may become agitated and try to escape the house if they feel too intimidated. Just pay extra attention to make sure your dog isn't getting too distressed over the holidays.

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