3 January 2018

Have a Safe Holiday Season with your Pet

Happy ‘howlidays’...are you ready for a safe and happy holiday season with your dog? You may have trimmed the tree and wrapped the presents, but don’t forget to keep safety a priority for your pet this holiday season. Here’s how to have a safe holiday season with your pet.

No better time for a checkup

There’s no better time for an annual checkup than just before the holidays, especially if you plan to travel with your pet or put him in a kennel or doggie hotel while you travel. Make sure he’s up to date on his shots and has up-to-date contact information on his tags and microchip.

Watch out for holiday hazards

Your home may look like a festive Santa’s grotto, but it could be full of holiday hazards for your dog. Your Christmas tree poses several risks to your pet, especially if your dog is curious. Hang any glass ornaments out of your pet’s reach or an errant nose or swinging tail could send them flying to the floor, where their broken pieces pose a risk to both you and your pet.

If your dog is too curious about the tree, just put a safety gate around the tree to keep your pet away. Chewing on lights, drinking the dirty water from the base of a live tree, and breathing in dry, prickly pine needles are all hazardous to your dog. Just keep your pet away from the tree and avoid these hazards.

Poisonous plants and party goods

If you’re planning a holiday party, leave poinsettias off the decoration list. Dogs love to chew on the toxic plants, which can lead to serious illness or even death. And keep the boozy drinks well away from Fido. Dogs and alcohol don’t mix, and neither do dogs and chocolates, fatty foods, and certain bones from your holiday meals. Remind guests not to share their foods and beverages with your pet to keep the dog healthy and safe.

Enjoy the holidays with your pet safely and visit Bark Busters often for more tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy all year long.

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