17 January 2017

Games to Play With Your Dog in the Snow

Snow isn’t just fun for humans--many dogs love playing in the powdery white stuff, too. Take advantage of the next snowfall to enjoy these simple, but fun, snow games with your dog.

Hide the treats

This simple game uses your dog’s best sense--their sense of smell--to locate treats that you’ve hidden in the snow. Bury treats or even a favourite toy or bone in the snow and see how long it takes your pooch to find it. This works best if there isn’t new snow falling while your dog is searching, which can bury the objects too deep for your pet to find.

Snow maze

If you get a heavy accumulation of snow, this can be a fun way to play with your pet and clear out some of the unwanted snow. Dig a pathway in the snow for your dogs to follow and encourage them to work their way through the snowy maze by hiding treats or toys throughout. If the snow is really deep, you could add snow tunnels to your structure, but be sure that the snow is compacted and won’t fall in on your pet.

Snowball fetch

If your pet loves to catch balls, try tossing a few well-packed snowballs to him. Just make sure there’s no ice or rocks hidden inside and don’t throw them at your pet. The fun part about catching snowballs is the fact that a quick chomp makes them explode, which is great fun for your dog. Get the whole family involved, but remind them not to pelt your pooch with snowballs or the game won’t be fun anymore.

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