18 May 2017

Fireworks and Dogs - How to avoid disaster

Victoria Day can be a fun celebration for humans. But it can be traumatic for your dogs! By taking these precautions, you and your dogs can have a safe and happy experience. Here are some tips to protect your dogs and keep them safe:

  • Dogs don’t like fireworks. Bangs, explosions and bright lights accompanied by screams, sirens and howling dogs create fear and confusion. It is not unusual for dogs to run away from home after being frightened by fireworks.
  • Don’t leave your dogs outside; bring them inside to protect them. If this is not possible, cover the crate or kennel with a blanket to offer some protection from the bright flashes and loud bangs. Remember that a dog’s sense of hearing is acute.
  • Keep your dog confined and don’t let him answer the front door. Your dog may be under significant stress that may result in unnecessary injury to innocent parties or cause your dog to dart out through the front door and get lost.
  • Create a special “den” where your dog feels safe. A properly introduced crate or kennel can be a great den for your dog.
  • Keep windows and curtains closed to reduce noises and bright flashes.
  • Turn on the TV, radio or exhaust fan to distract your dog from the loud noises outside and to help him relax. Classical music has shown to be the most calming.
  • It may be hard, but try to stay with your pet during the majority of the fireworks duration. A dog can often react differently to a bang when you are not there.
  • Always have identification securely on your dog in case your dog gets out. Use recent phone numbers so if someone finds your dog, they can call you. You may want to talk to your vet about micro-chipping your dog as well.

This information is brought to you by Barkbusters Home Dog Training- the world’s largest, most trusted dog training company. More information about Victoria Day Safety Tips can be obtained by contacting your local behavioural therapist at 1- 866-418-4584 or by visiting www.barkbusters.ca

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