27 September 2015

Fire Safety and Fido - Keeping Your Dog Safe From Fire

You probably have a fire safety plan in place for your family, and hopefully you’ve gone over it with your family members in an effort to keep them safe. Don’t forget to have a plan in place for your pets, too. Here are some fire safety tips to help keep your four-legged friends safe in the event of a fire.

Start with good fire alarms

Although your pet may alert you if he smells smoke, be sure you have working fire alarms in your home near every bedroom. Test them regularly to make sure that they are working, and make sure you have them on all levels of your home.

Include your pets in your planning

Create an escape plan in case of fire, and practice with the entire family, including your dog. The more you practice, the less panicked he will be if you really do have to use the escape plan during a fire. If your dog sleeps in a crate, make sure to plan accordingly so that you can get him out in time. Fire spreads rapidly, and smoke can kill your dog before the fire ever reaches him, but a plan will help you move swiftly and surely during a fire.

Put rescue stickers on your windows

Your local fire department or the SPCA can provide you with decals for your windows which indicate how many pets you have in your home. This will help rescue workers get your pets to safety after they’ve helped you.

Keep your pet’s ID up to date

If your pet gets out of the house during a fire and runs away, current ID can help reunite you. Microchipped pets should have their contact information updated regularly. Consider microchipping your pets in case tags are lost or damaged.

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