9 November 2015

Feeding Fido During the Festive Season

The holiday season means lots of foods and lots of fun, but it can be a little too much of both for your four-legged companion. Just because it’s the season of giving, it doesn’t mean you need to stuff your pooch full of human foods. Here’s the lowdown on which holiday treats it’s okay to give your dog, and which ones aren’t such a good choice.


Carve up the turkey and put a little aside for your dog because the lean protein is a great choice for your pet. Just remember to remove the bones, fat and skin first. Turkey bones, like chicken bones, can splinter and seriously injure your pet’s insides.

Add a little cranberry sauce on the side. Your dog may enjoy the tart-sweet flavour combo, but only in moderation.

Plain vegetables, like green beans, carrots and peas make a great treat for your pup. Just steer clear of the veggie casseroles, which can be high in fat and sodium.

Not okay:

Don’t be tempted to share your chocolate with your dog. It can make dogs very sick and can be toxic in large amounts.

Skip the gravy when preparing your pooch’s turkey. It’s too high in sodium and fat, so stick to plain broth instead.

Pass on the potatoes if they are loaded down with butter, cheese or sour cream. Too much of those rich additives can upset your dog’s tummy.

Skip the stuffing, especially if it has grapes or raisins in it. Both are toxic to dogs, and the bread in stuffing is just a bunch of useless calories with no nutritional value for your pet.

You’d probably never give your dog an alcoholic drink, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try and sneak a sip of yours when you aren’t looking. Keep your alcoholic beverages well away from your pets to keep them safe.

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