24 January 2017

Don't Let Your Dogs Get the Winter Blues with these Tips

Humans aren’t the only ones to suffer from the ‘winter blues,’ dogs can become pretty miserable during the winter months, too. Cold weather can make your pooch miserable, so be sure to pay close attention to how they’re being affected by the colder weather and take precautions to keep them safe.

Not all dogs like cold weather

Just because your dog has fur, it doesn’t mean he is comfortable in the cold. Some breeds, like Alaskan Malamutes and Saint Bernards, are bred for colder weather. Unless your dog is specifically a cold weather dog, don’t expect him to be happy spending hours outside during the winter months.

Watch for signs of hypothermia

If your dog loves being outside in the snow, you still need to watch for signs of hypothermia. Your pet won’t be able to tell you when he’s had enough of the snow, so watch for discoloration on the pads of his feet, excessive shivering, and swelling in your dog’s paws.

Be aware of hazards

If you live in an area where ice is a problem, you’ll likely have chemicals around for melting that ice. These chemicals can be toxic to dogs, so make sure that your pet stays away from areas where these chemicals are used. Also, don’t let your dog near antifreeze, which is toxic for pets.

Indoor hazards can also harm your pet. Never leave your dog alone with a space heater as it could be easily overturned, causing burns and other injuries to your pet as well as house fires.

Don’t forget about sunburn

Your pet can still be burned by the light of the sun during the winter months, especially if the sunlight is reflected off of snow and ice. Pale pets should use pet-safe sunscreen on sunny winter days to avoid feeling the burn.

Indoor air and dry eyes

When you switch up the heat, your pet may suffer from dry, painful eyes. If you notice a problem, ask your vet for some eye drops to help restore the mucous to your pet’s eyes.

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