29 May 2018

Be Prepared to Care for Animals in Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike at any time. You may think that you’re ready for anything, but is your pet? Don’t forget to plan ahead so you’ll be prepared to care for your animals during natural disasters.

Update ID

Does your dog have your contact information on its collar? Make sure it’s up-to-date and includes a cell phone number (in case you have to evacuate your home). Better yet, consider having your pet microchipped and include the best contact information on the microchip database. If your pet runs off or gets lost, you’ll have a better chance of being reunited.

Pack a ‘bug out’ bag

You know that you should have an emergency ‘bug out’ bag packed for yourself (in case you have to evacuate your home), but did you know you should have one for your pets, too? Pack a separate bag for your pet that holds food, water, a leash or other restraint, a current photo of your pet, any medications your pet needs, a copy of your pet’s medical records, and a portable crate, if possible. These things will help keep your pet safe, should you have to relocate during the emergency.

If you can’t evacuate with your pet

The best scenario is one where you take your pet with you, but if this is not the case, you should leave food and water in a place that’s accessible to your pet. Before you leave your home, make sure you have a decal or sign prominently displayed in a window that tells first responders that you have a pet inside your home. If you already have a decal on your window but are able to take your pet with you, write EVACUATED across the decal so the first responders won’t waste time searching for your pet.

If possible, keep a list of pet-friendly facilities in your own emergency bag. If you have to leave your home, you may be able to take your pet with you without any problems.

For more information on keeping your pet safe and healthy, talk to one of the friendly, knowledgeable staff members at Bark Busters today.

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