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Top 10 Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

The greatest misconception many dog owners have is to assume their dogs think the way people do.

Always Keep in Mind:

1. A dog is a dog

Dogs instinctively follow the same rules and exhibit many of the same behavioural patterns as their wild ancestors. To effectively train your dog, you must first understand her instinctual pack behaviour.

2. All dogs think in terms of survival

Dogs instinctively know that living with others, under the leadership of a capable and worthy pack member, increases their chances for survival. As a dog owner, your most important role is to model a leader’s strong and consistent characteristics so that you will be regarded as the leader and your dog will want to respect and obey you in order to feel safe. This results in a calm, happy and attentive dog.

3. Dogs don’t understand English

In addition to barking, growling, and other guttural sounds, dogs rely heavily on body language. And yet, your body language can easily be misinterpreted. By understanding how dogs communicate, you will avoid the confusion of telling your dog one thing while your body language and voice tone convey something completely different.

4. Dogs are neither spiteful nor deliberately naughty

There are 3 reasons why a dog ‘misbehaves’ or doesn’t do what you want and it can often be a combination of the three. Understanding this will help you address your dog’s behaviours.

  • She does not understand (communication confusion)
  • She does not care (lack of respect)
  • She is suffering from stress or fear (lack of trust).

5. Aggression is instinctual in every breed

Whether Pomeranian or Great Dane, a dog’s breed has nothing to do with aggression. Aggression is an instinctive strategy to deal with fear of the unknown—of feeling threatened or vulnerable. By showing strong leadership and communicating in a dog way, you can help your dog learn and trust that you are capable of keeping him safe and he won’t need to resort to aggression.

Dog aggression

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