18 August 2015

Back to School Blues – Does your Dog Need Training?

Is your dog a little too enthusiastic with the mailman? Does he bark a little too often, and get a little too carried away during playtimes? It’s not uncommon for pet owners to dismiss these rambunctious behaviours as personality quirks, but the truth is, you don’t have to put up with them. This year, as the kids head back to school, why not consider enrolling your pooch in a little “back to school” session of his own?

Here are some very treatable problems that dog training can help with.

Jumping up at people: This might be cute when you have a puppy, but with an 85-pound pooch, not so much. Training can help turn a jumper into a well-behaved dog who waits to be greeted.

Licking everything: Not everyone likes to be “kissed” by your dog, training can help you to help him control those urges.

Humping legs, furniture, etc.: Speaking of urges...this is another one that training can help you to curb in your dog.

Barking: If you’re the family in the neighbourhood with “that” dog, training could just make your neighbours like you better. Plus, it can help you understand just why your dog is worrying so much and relieving him of his ‘duties’.

Begging or stealing food: No matter how much you feed him, Fido still wants forbidden foods. Training can help stop his begging.

Chewing objects around the house: Your shoes, the sofa, the children...if you have a chewer, training can take the bite out of the problem.

Pushing ahead of you: When you enter or leave a room, or when you go up or downstairs, if your dog is being pushy, that’s a big problem. Training can help curb the desire for dominance that causes this behaviour.

Digging: Dogs love to dig, but training can help you break the dirty habit.

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