2 January 2018

All About The Shih Tzu

With its adorable little face and fluffy little body, it’s easy to see why the Shih Tzu is such a popular breed of small dog. This lap dog is more than just a pretty face, though. It’s a friendly little companion pet that’s great for families or anyone looking for an affectionate pet. Here’s everything you need to know about this fun breed if you’re considering adding one to your family.


Originally bred to be a lap dog of Chinese Emperors, this breed is just as popular today as it was centuries ago. The small stature of the dog makes it perfect for snuggling and cuddling, making it a great companion or family pet.

Why they’re great dogs

Apart from the cuddle-factor, these dogs are highly intelligent and can respond well to training if you are consistent. They are also rarely aggressive (unless threatened) and have lots of energy without being too hyper. Their laid-back personalities makes the breed flexible enough to fit into almost any environment. Also, despite their furry, soft appearance, they don’t shed, making them a hypoallergenic breed.

Problems you might have

No breed is perfect, and Shih Tzus are no exception. They can be needy at times, craving your attention and acting out if they are ignored or left alone for too long. They can also be prone to excessive barking, especially when they are excited or when they’re greeting you at the door.

Although they don’t shed, they do need regular attention to their coat. Because their fur is quite thick, it needs regular grooming and attention. All that thick fur can also be tempting for flea and ticks, so you’ll need to establish a good preventive routine as well.

Fun, flexible companions

Whether you’re looking for the ideal breed for an elderly relative, or you just want a cuddly ‘lap dog’ for the whole family to enjoy, Shih Tzus are a great small breed choice. Just make sure to give them lots of attention and take them to a qualified trainer if behaviour issues such as barking begin to become problematic.

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