8 February 2018

5 Ways to Show Your Dog Love

This Valentine’s Day, why not tell your four-legged love exactly how you feel? You don’t have to take your dog on a date to a fancy restaurant, and you certainly shouldn’t buy her chocolates, but you can still show your dog how much you care. Here are five ways to show your dog some love this Valentine’s Day.

Groom and pamper

Does your dog need a mini-makeover after a long, cold winter? Why not schedule an appointment at the groomers and give your pup the works. From a ‘pawdicure’ to trim her nails to a shampoo and cut, your pet will feel much better afterwards.

Take a trip

If your dog loves to travel, why not take a day trip to somewhere that’s pet-friendly? Whether it’s a trip to the pet store or a jaunt to visit family or friends, your pooch will enjoy being invited along.

Get away

Thanks to an increase in the number of pet-friendly hotels, you can now take Fido on your next getaway. If you can’t find a place that accepts dogs, or if your budget is a little small, why not plan a camping trip? Just make sure your dog is up to date on his shots and plan a way to secure your pet while you’re sleeping so he doesn’t damage your tent.

Go outside

There’s one thing that all dogs love--time with their owners. Spend some time outside playing fetch, Frisbee, or racing with your dog. Hide some treats around your yard, practice training techniques, or just enjoy being outdoors together. Spending time outside is good for both of you and it will help your dog burn off excess energy after a lethargic winter. Plus, you can both benefit from a little vitamin D from the sunshine.

Give your pet the gift that keeps on giving

Build an obstacle course for your pet to run through. It doesn’t have to be complicated--cinder blocks and wooden planks can make a great balance beam and old tires can make great jumping hoops--just have fun with it.

For more ideas on how to pamper your pooch, check out the Bark Busters blog regularly.

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