6 March 2017

4 Best Apps for Dog Owners

Technology has made so many things easier, even being a dog owner. Whether you’re looking for a way to track how much walking your pet is getting in, or if you want important emergency pet advice at the touch of your fingers, these great apps will make being a pet owner even better than it already is.

Dog Walk--Track Your Dog’s Daily Walks!

This one does what it says in the title--allowing you to monitor and measure how many miles or kilometers you and your furry buddy are clocking each day. View the entire area from an aerial view or look at a more traditional map to see how much of your neighbourhood you’re actually covering on your walks. You can also snap photos during your walk and share them on social media.

Pet Coach--Ask a vet for free

This app, which is available on the Apple and Google appstores, is a must-have for any pet parent. The app allows you to chat with a vet in real time and get answers to your most pressing pet questions for FREE. You can also search through information that other people have discussed with the veterinarians and get advice on pet training and behaviour.


Dogs aren’t meant to eat everything they see, and they’re not even meant to share everything on your plate. How do you know, in a pinch, whether the food you’re eating is safe to share with your dog? iKibble has the answers and more. More importantly, it helps you identify potentially toxic food items that could be a danger to your dog.


Who says that humans are the only ones who need to get away from it all? If you’re planning a vacation and your pet can’t go with you, use this app to find a reliable dog sitter, then you can use your phone to pay the bill. You can also request daily photos and updates on your pet while you’re away, or just hire a dog walker when you can’t get out to take your dog for a walk by yourself.

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