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June 18 2018

In just one word, I would describe our experience as AMAZING. Before, when taking our little pug, Buddy, out for a walk, we never knew who would show up -- Jekyll or Hyde. He was amazing with people, but with other dogs it was either nothing or full on attack-mode. We had only adopted Buddy a year ago, so had no idea of his history or why he may behave like this. After our session with Rob, we saw a complete turn-around in his behavior. Walks are no longer stressful unknowns, and we don't have to give our old disclaimer to other dog walkers of "He can be a bit grumpy, but luckily he has no teeth" (he's older). Other issues, like food stealing, aggressive begging and general disrespect have also been sorted out. The best part? He is happier, too. Rob gave us all the tools and information we needed to get Buddy to this level. It was easy to understand and we saw immediate results. Be warned, if you aren't up to doing the work, this will not work for you. But if you do, you'll only see benefits.

Dana S - False Creek, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Hyperactivity, Other, Recall

June 06 2018
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We contacted Rob with hopes to solve some behavioral issues regarding our 3-year-old pug/dachshund, and we noticed results right away in our very first session. Not only do you learn how to raise a better dog, but also learn how to be a better owner, which is just as important. It's been only a week or so since our first session and my dog is already so much more calm and well behaved. My only regret is I wished I had done this years ago!

Brandon D - New Westminster, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up

Trainer note from Rob :

Brandon, thank you so much for the review. I truly appreciate this gesture

December 03 2017

We highly recommend Rob he is so patient and teaches you the techniques that best suite your dog. We are so pleased we went with Bark busters to train our Ginger

Thanks Rob

Jyoti V - Burnaby, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety, Toileting

October 10 2017
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We contacted Rob to provide us with tools to deal with our Dachshunds. Our issues were barking and newly displayed aggression. We've begun with the barking and though it is early days, after 48 hours, our 2 are different dogs. We are all discovering who the real pack leaders are and enjoying a much quieter home. We will consider ourselves a work in progress but very pleased. We just have to keep on top of it which I know we will. Thanks Rob. Looking forward to our next session. Henry, Patricia, Cleo & Layla (owner)

Patricia R - Delta, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Pulling

Trainer note from Rob :

Hello Patricia, thank you for the great review. I appreciate this very much. Cleo and Layla did very well because you bought into the program. Good for you. It is always nice to see how a dog can relax when we are able to take away some of their 'jobs'. You are now in charge of the house and I am sure your dogs will be much calmer. Nice work and I will see you again soon.

Rob Scheel

September 28 2017
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Adam Polinko

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in the last week-

We had limited options when we called Rob. Rob spent quite a bit of time with us helping our dog with separation anxiety. We can now report that we no longer have separation anxiety issues with our dog and have plenty of tools to help her cope in the future. Thanks Rob!

Adam P - Vancouver, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Separation anxiety

August 24 2017

Had our first lesson with Rob today and it was pretty eye-opening. We learned a lot and everything he taught us made sense. The biggest thing, of course, was that we could see our dog Odin immediately responding to Rob's communication. We'll contnue to practice with Odin and hopefully he will stay on this path, which we're loving so far.

Scott W - Burnaby, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression

July 16 2017

I highly recommend Rob if you need any training help with your dog or want to have a better understanding of your dog's behavior. His method simply works very well and you'll see incredible changes immediately. He is a knowledgeable and friendly guy that eases your mind and brings back peace to your house after he leaves. We are highly satisfied and very happy with our decision to use his services.

Farhad Z - Vancouver, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Other, Recall

July 16 2017

Rob came in to help us work with our dog, Luna.

Luna is a 3-year-old Eskie, and we contacted Barkbusters to help us with her separation anxiety and aggression. After just ONE session, we saw marked improvement in Luna's behaviour. We had friends and family comment on how much calmer she was.

We continue to implement the comprehensive training plan, and we continue to see improvements in her behaviour - no more barking at the door, an ability to ignore strangers, and a greater security when she is left alone.

I love my dog, love the improvement, and highly recommend Rob and Barkbusters!

Melinda D - Cloverdale, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Separation anxiety

July 16 2017

Just after one session not only did we immediately noticed a change in MacGyver (our 3 year old toy poodle, whom we rescued) but we learned and now understand the way MacGyver behaves and we see things that Rob (our trainer) talked about in other dogs. The method even works with other dogs not belonging to me. Not only was there an immediate noticeable change but the amazing thing was what we worked on inside the home has an effect outside of the home as well. He walks beside me and rarely pulls anymore and without much training after the full length of the leash he returns to my side with a gentle tug. My children (ages 10 and 8) are able to walk him without worrying about him pulling. MacGyver isn't perfect but definitely better! Thanks Rob and Bark Busters!

Irene Y - Burnaby, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Aggression

July 16 2017

I can't speak highly enough of Rob and his services. Within 24 hours of making a phone call, Rob was at our house for a four-hour training session and we saw an immediate positive change in our dog.

Prior to Rob's visit, we had our puppy for just shy of a week and would equate our experience to having a newborn. We attempted crate training, but our Bailey would whine all night long and we spent time literally sleeping next to her crate in attempts to soothe her. She was having several accidents a day as well. At times, we felt like we were having a nervous breakdown and stress was high.

That changed the moment Rob walked in. He doesn't just train your dog - he trains you.

Rob's training not only gave us tools we were so desperately seeking, but also how to best set up her environment. His advice on reducing the size of her crate, and creating a dark space, had an IMMEDIATE effect and our sleepless nights were over.

As well as his advice on how to potty train: she has almost completely stopped her accidents in just one day. I know that sounds crazy, but it's 100 per cent true.

I would recommend Rob to anyone learning to train a puppy. He made us experts in a day and now it's just a matter of ensuring we are consistent and stay on plan. Bailey has less anxiety, is responding to Rob's training methods that we are using and we now have the confidence that we are going to end up with the best Bailey she can be. The best part is, we went for the lifetime trainer package, so Rob doesn't just disappear, he is available for follow-ups and issues that arise throughout her entire life. You can't go wrong and there's literally nothing to lose here - only gain!

Call Rob! He will make life more enjoyable for you, your family and your furry friend.

Amy R - Richmond, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management, Separation anxiety

July 14 2017

I am very satisfied right after the first training. I have a Jack Russel Terrier with a really bad front door manner. Rob was very professional and I started to see results on my dog. Working on it daily basis Lilly's behaviour is way better. With Rob's techniques and suggestions I am in charge now to respond at the door not my dog. I can see she is happier and more relaxed dog. I highly recommend Rob and Bark busters!

Hannah M - Vancouver, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up

May 26 2017


I have had three rough collies but could get nowhere with training my current collie. She jumped on everyone, barked at every noise, squirrel, other barking dogs, you name it, wouldn't come when called, barked loudly and long for attention, pushed into and past me at doors and on stairs, you get the picture. I had a dog that was out of control and nothing I did was working. Enter Rob Scheel from Bark Busters. There was a difference in one day, and some of the behaviours were gone in one week. Rob provides a follow up visit which is great as the barking is less of an issue but still needs works. Not only that but he will come when old issues reappear or new ones surface. The techniques are easy to learn and effective. Rob provides great information, shows you what to do and then has you do it so you can practice with him there. My grandsons are not afraid of my dog now as she is not rushing at them or knocking them over. Both the 5 and 9 year old have happily played ball with her the last 2 days and Rob was here 9 days ago! If you have any behaviour issues with your dog, I strongly encourage you to call Rob and use Bark Busters.

Marjorie L, Surrey B.C.

Marjorie L - Surrey, British Columbia


Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other

March 06 2017

Rob was very professional and pleasant to work with. Gus was never a BAD puppy but he was developing habits that we couldn't seem to curtail. We have only had one session so far but already the results are amazing! Gus is looking to US for guidance now and he totally knows that WE are in charge and not him. He was so relaxed this morning.....I think its because he no longer feels like he needs to be looking after us. I highly recommend Rob and Bark Busters! A+++

Susan and Steve


Susan & Steve W. - Ladner B.C.


January 24 2017

My husband and I previously contacted Rob Scheel about issues between our Husky and another dog, and our cats. Rob's assessment was straight forward and dead on, everything he suggested was accurate and modifications we followed helped the issues!  We were so pleased that when we purchased our new puppy for Christmas, we immediately called him in to get her started off and running! We're very excited for the work ahead with our new pup and his guidance.

Lissa M. - Richmond B.C.


January 10 2017

If you're serious about having well-behaved dog, then Rob's the man to call. Rob's expertise and knowledge of German Shepherds was really impressive. The time he spent with us at home was excellent and our new pup learned so much from him. We are so thankful to have used his service and highly recommend him to any dog owner. Thank you!

Ron L. - Downtown Vancouver B.C.


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