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      I'm Rob Scheel your dog behaviour therapist for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Vancouver, Richmond and surrounding areas.

      Does your dog embarrass you or make you crazy, frustrated, annoyed and possibly angry? I can help! Sharing your life with a dog is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you can have. Unfortunately, the challenges of training your best friend can also be overwhelming. This is where I can help.

      Bark Busters has trained over 1 MILLION dogs Worldwide. Our trainers can proudly state it is the world’s largest home dog training company. The written Lifetime Support Guarantee of our ‘in home program’ is one way that sets us apart from other puppy or dog training methods.

      Our guarantee means that Bark Busters will return FREE OF CHARGE for any reoccurring problems, or any new ones that may emerge and this written guarantee will last for the life of your dog. We come to your home where 99% of all behaviour or obedience challenges happen. This is the perfect solution for dog training and we back up our service with a guarantee.

      Personally, I am in the top three of all trainers in Canada, I have won many awards and have studied canine behaviour therapy and qualify as a Master Trainer, which has given me the opportunity to work with nearly 3,000 dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and more importantly, of all ages with any problem. As a dog trainer and behaviourist, I am experienced in all situations.

      Let’s get started! We all want to have a fun and loving relationship to treasure with our puppy and/or adult canine friend. Do you need help with any of the following items?

      • puppy training and basic obedience (let’s get your puppy off to a good start)
      • dog aggression
      • people aggression
      • separation anxiety
      • house breaking / toilet training
      • barking, whining
      • front door manners
      • command skills, recall, obedience training
      • leash pulling
      • lunging at dogs / people
      • nipping, mouthing, biting, chewing
      • Jumping

      My techniques are dog friendly.
      There is no pain.
      No Physical force.
      No treats or clickers.
      No shock collars, choke chains or pinch collars, nor do I carry a pocket full of treats.

      I firmly believe that inspiring and supporting the owner is the best way to start off a new puppy or address your dog’s behaviour problems.

      Who benefits? Everyone in the family! Your dog will benefit if all members can be actively involved in the customized session prepared by me. The techniques and methods that Bark Buster trainers have studied has been tried and tested and I cannot tell you the number of cases where the dog owner has commented on how much calmer their dog is after working with Bark Busters. Many dog owners are amazed at how much their dog can change in just one session.

      Who will be happy? Everyone including your neighbours! Happy stress free dogs = happy stress free owners!

      My love and respect for animals goes back to my formative years on the family Saskatchewan farm with all kinds of animals. My father was a breeder of German Shepherds and many of those dogs became police dogs. In my adult years, I have been fortunate to share my life with four Springer spaniels and now have my Standard Schnauzer, Ella. She is my loyal four legged companion.

      What do my client’s say? Read my testimonials on the web site to find out. Go to Google plus to see the reviews.

      Many Veterinarians directly support us, and for some we are their dog trainer of choice

      Risk Free Assessment: Ask about how I can provide you with an assessment in your home before you make any final decisions about who is the best trainer for you. There are so many trainers with so many options. Who do you choose? Let me explain exactly what I do before you commit, and then you can decide what is the best for you.

      I look forward to your call and meeting your canine family member.

      I can't speak highly enough of Rob and his services. Within 24 hours of making a phone call, Rob was at our house for a four-hour training session and we saw an immediate positive change in our dog.

      Prior to Rob's visit, we had our puppy for just shy of a week and would equate our experience to having a newborn. We attempted crate training, but our Bailey would whine all night long and we spent time literally sleeping next to her crate in attempts to soothe her. She was having several accidents a day as well. At times, we felt like we were having a nervous breakdown and stress was high.

      That changed the moment Rob walked in. He doesn't just train your dog - he trains you.

      Rob's training not only gave us tools we were so desperately seeking, but also how to best set up her environment. His advice on reducing the size of her crate, and creating a dark space, had an IMMEDIATE effect and our sleepless nights were over.

      As well as his advice on how to potty train: she has almost completely stopped her accidents in just one day. I know that sounds crazy, but it's 100 per cent true.

      I would recommend Rob to anyone learning to train a puppy. He made us experts in a day and now it's just a matter of ensuring we are consistent and stay on plan. Bailey has less anxiety, is responding to Rob's training methods that we are using and we now have the confidence that we are going to end up with the best Bailey she can be. The best part is, we went for the lifetime trainer package, so Rob doesn't just disappear, he is available for follow-ups and issues that arise throughout her entire life. You can't go wrong and there's literally nothing to lose here - only gain!

      Call Rob! He will make life more enjoyable for you, your family and your furry friend.

      Amy R - Richmond, British Columbia

      We are very happy with our therapist Rob Scheel. 

      He is clear, concise, organized, and communicates well. 

      He has given us great insight into out dogs' behaviour and the tools and skills to get them and us on the right track. 

      Thank you Rob!

      L.R. - Richmond, B.C.

      Rob Scheel from Bark Busters is Excellent!! Our dog was completely stressed out and always barking and lunging at strangers, especially at our front door. After about an hour of working with him under Rob's watchful eye we had him respecting boundaries and waiting for us to allow him to greet a visitor. During a follow up visit we were able to walk calmly around the neighborhood with him at my side. I am very pleased with the methods we are learning and am hopeful for a happy calm dog following my lead.

      Marc & Kathy N. - South Surrey, B.C.

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