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      My name is Andrew Gawur and I’m your local therapist for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Toronto West and Etobicoke. I’ve been making dogs and people’s lives better through Bark Busters now for over 12 years! I’ve visited over 1000 families and am an expert in helping alleviate your dog’s separation anxiety, aggression, jumping up, rushing to the door, nipping/chewing pulling on the lead and, of course, barking!

      I began with Bark Busters as a client, many years ago. We called in the local trainer for our two little terrors (terriers). I was truly amazed at how fast the transformation was! Using our proprietary methods, I was able to stop one from barking in the middle of the night and other from pulling on the leash. I was relieved and proud of them at the same time

      I work with puppies as early as 8 weeks old and help lay the foundation for a good relationship for you and the new addition to your family. I also teach obedience, house-training and work with socializing the younger dogs with other dogs in and outdoors.

      I have also been an advocate for dog’s rights many times. I have assisted clients with difficult situations that have arisen with their condo management/landlords and have testified before the Landlord /Tenant Board.

      Our methods are non-physical and non-food based, effective and easy to use. Don’t waste your money on useless clicker or ineffective treat training. Group classes are fun but what happens when your dog misbehaves at home? Or on a walk? Or at the park? I will help you open a line of communication with your dog that will last their lifetime and make your relationship so much more rewarding and fulfilling.

      I look forward to working with you and your dog!

      Andrew: Thanks. We learned a lot from you and the stuff is working really well. Reg lets Mike put the leash on him - whether I'm in the house or not – and he’ll even come to him! In other disciplinary matters we're using the growling and snapping technique (and the praising, of course) and generally the dogs seem to get it really quite well. I've already recommended you to a number of people, one friend who's parents just got two dogs (although they live in Florida) and two friends who are about to acquire dogs. They obviously don't have problems, but I think working with your techniques from day one would be excellent.

      Kathy K. - Toronto, ON

      Hi Andrew. It was great working with you. Buddy has been wonderful. He has hardly barked at all, even when he is outside alone. We all have noticed a big change. He is a new dog! He has even been walking on the leash calmly and only needs to be reminded a few times per walk not to pull. My daughter actually enjoys walking him now. He is not biting or nipping at the kids. I can finally have company over without worrying hat his boisterous welcome might hurt someone. Thanks for giving us a dog we can enjoy being with. I have already recommended you to my nephew. Hopefully, you will hear from them soon. Take care and thanks again.

      Doreen W. - Toronto, ON

      I am very happy with the results and the ease of the tasks I had to perform to achieve these results. The dog has turned around completely, and I have the confidence to leave the apartment knowing that he will not disturb the other residents of the building. Congratulations Bark Busters!

      Brad S. - Toronto, ON

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