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      Congratulations! You have taken the first step. Let’s get some help for your dog.

      My name is Ashley Rozon, your local therapist for Bark Busters home Dog Training Sudbury and North Bay region. I help families enrich their lives by teaching them to have well behaved dogs. My adoration for four legged creatures is what landed me in the Bark Busters training academy.

      After an intensive training program in beautiful Squamish BC, I set out to help people better understand and effectively communicate with their dogs in Sudbury, North Bay and surrounding areas. I grew up in the North and am grateful to raise my family here. The geography can be a paradise for dogs, and many people own dogs.

      I have the privilege to work ONE on ONE in client’s homes, to listen to their concerns and empathize with their struggles. I take the time to explain what is causing their behaviour challenges and how we can address and solve these challenges. After our first two to three hour session, I get to witness the relief and pleasure that clients feel when they realise how easy it can be to have a calm and relaxed canine companion.

      Our natural methods do not require punishment or force. No dog needs to feel pain in order to learn. We also do not turn human’s into living treat dispensers. Throw out the shock and prong collars, get rid of the treat fanny pack, Bark Busters truly is a better way to a better dog.

      When humans and dogs form a pack, someone is always getting trained, let’s make sure that it is not YOU who is getting trained. Let me help you build trust and respect with your dog, and communicate in a way that he understands.

      I will do my best to help you achieve the lasting results you are looking for, when you do your part we cannot help but be successful. Our program offers training for the life of your dog. If there are bumps in the road or if you fall off track reach out at any time for some extra help, at no additional charge. Even with tough cases like aggression and separation anxiety, I will work with you and find the solutions that you require. Bark Busters trainers are all over the world, we are professionals who work towards a common goal of helping dogs. We have a massive network of highly skilled professionals who are always ready to solve puzzles as a team. We come recommended by many veterinarians. Do you need to relocate to a different town? We can transfer you to the nearest trainer in your area, and be reassured we have you covered.

      Don’t let any more time go to waste, end the barking, the jumping, stop aggression and have a calm dog with excellent manners. It is priceless, for your peace of mind and for the wellness of your dog.

      My husband and I purchased a mixed breed (Rotti/Lab x Belgian Malinois) puppy who grew way bigger than we had anticipated, plus the high energy of the malinois. I knew I needed to get a handle on this big guy so headed for puppy class. After I "graduated" I left frustrated and still being dragged around by my pup without any idea what to do next. Then I called Ashley and she changed our world. Right away you see the love she has for animals and truly wants to help you and makes sure you have a clear vision and understanding of how to handle your dog in a calm, gentle way. Like anything, you have to put in the work, but the results will blow you away. Our pup would try to herd us around the yard, nipping and barking at us, after 1 lesson to work on this he no longer does this but is just a joy to be in the yard with and play with. The best thing is Ashley is always there for you so you never feel frustrated or not sure what to do next. If you need help with your pup, call Ashley, you won't be disappointed. THANK YOU Ashley from Sandy, Pat and Apollo.

      Sandy M - Dowling, Ontario

      Our dog Scout is calmer and happier now that we train with Bark Busters. Our home doesn't feel nearly as chaotic, Scout walks well with a regular collar, and we were able to retire the Halti collar. Thank you Ashley!

      Lynne L - Sudbury, On

      We had our first session with Ashley from Bark Busters Sudbury tonight, and the experience was wonderful.There were many options that we had considered when looking at training, but the in-home training is definitely an excellent fit for our dog, as it caters to his personal needs. Ashley was extremely personable, easy to talk to, and provided us with a sense of understanding about how to better control our dog. We did not feel rushed or pressured at any point, and we definitely felt like she wanted to help. By the end of the 3 hour session, we felt more confident and proud as dog owners, and we look forward to seeing our dog's improvement with this company. Not only did Ashley train our dog, she also trained us to be better dog owners. We are extremely satisfied with our choice, and can't wait for the next training session!

      Ali W - Sudbury, On

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