Our Services

Adult Dog Training

This program is designed for the common behaviour problems and general obedience issues in adult and juvenile dogs like leash training, stopping barking, jumping on people, coming when called and potty training....READ MORE>>

Puppy Training

Many of the most frustrating puppy behaviours our clients face happen in and around the home. Things like potty training, teaching pups not to eat the furniture, stay out of certain rooms, and crate training, all happen in your home. By conducting our puppy training in your home....READ MORE>>

Behaviour Modification

This program is designed to help you with more difficult behaviour issues like human and dog aggression, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviours, and other severe problems....READ MORE>>

Pricing & Guarantee

For an accurate quote for our service, please contact your local Bark Buster by email or by calling 1-866-418-4584. Many people ask why we do not publish a fixed price. Here are the reasons why: ....READ MORE>>

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