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      We're Alana and Marco, your local therapists for Bark Buster Home Dog Training Ottawa and surrounding area. Six years ago we became part of the Bark Busters family and since then we’ve had the pleasure to help over 1000 families overcome issues with their dog from puppy training though to severe anxiety and aggression cases.

      We care a lot about dogs and we also care very much about serving our clients very well. It is important to us that we treat both human and canines with the respect and consideration they deserve. In fact, our clients have referred more of their friends to us than any other Bark Buster office in Canada.

      To talk about your dog and to see how we could help you, please contact us at our toll free number or email us using the form below.

      We’ve seen so many of our clients transform their relationship with their dog with our help. There is nothing we find more satisfying. Once the frustrating behaviours are dealt with, good dogs can become GREAT dogs.

      Dear Alana and Marco,

      Rod and I would like to thank you for training us so patiently this morning. I didn't hurt at all. Since you left us Finnegan was put into a few situations which in the olden days would have resulted in stress and frustration for all. By applying the methods taught we were able to keep Finnegan focused on us and what we expected him to do under the given circumstances. After having an opportunity to work with Finnegan on our own the overwhelming significance of the tools (magic) you equipped us with became very obvious. We now have the confidence to believe that with patience and a calm and consistent communication style we will in time achieve all our goals. Based on our first hand experiences of today we would like to increase our satisfaction rating to 9 out of 10.

      As well we purchased some Orijen kibble for Finnegan and he found it to be very tasty. After working through some of the exercises with Finnegan in the backyard Rod started playing ball with him and he actually brought the ball back and dropped it at Rod's feet a couple of times, something he has never done before.

      All in all we are very pleased with the experience and positive results of today and would not hesitate to recommend your invaluable service.

      Thanks again

      Angela & Rod M. - Kemptville, ON

      The initial assessment was clear, concise and fully geared towards what we want out of our dog. Our trainer took the time to develop a good understanding and picture of our dog and our relationship with her. It didn't feel rushed, it was very positive, and we never felt blamed or judged.

      Amy & Jeff - Ottawa, ON

      Our dog is so much happier since we started with BB. He "got it" right away, and now he's teaching us how to help him. We can't believe the difference after one visit. Thanks, Alana, from us and from Scooter.

      Julie M. - Ottawa, ON

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