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      We're Alana and Marco, your local therapists for Bark Buster Home Dog Training Ottawa and surrounding area. Six years ago we became part of the Bark Busters family and since then we’ve had the pleasure to help over 1000 families overcome issues with their dog from puppy training though to severe anxiety and aggression cases.

      We care a lot about dogs and we also care very much about serving our clients very well. It is important to us that we treat both human and canines with the respect and consideration they deserve. In fact, our clients have referred more of their friends to us than any other Bark Buster office in Canada.

      To talk about your dog and to see how we could help you, please contact us at our toll free number or email us using the form below.

      We’ve seen so many of our clients transform their relationship with their dog with our help. There is nothing we find more satisfying. Once the frustrating behaviours are dealt with, good dogs can become GREAT dogs.

      We came to Bark Busters because we have a jack-russell named Chaz from a rescue that we didn't know how to control - on walks and in our own home. Since Bark Busters things have changed dramatically for us. We can finally take our dog for a walk without worrying what he'll do around other dogs because we were taught ways to control it. He now gets in his crate whenever we ask (not just when he wants to) and above all we've learned strategies that let us finally take control of our own home. We were sold on Bark Busters within the first 30 minutes of their visit. Chaz's response to us right after we started using their techniques was amazing. We couldn't believe how receptive to the training he was. Alana and Marco have been fantastic throughout the entire process; patient and incredibly accommodating to our needs. They've come back every time we've needed them and helped us with every problem we've brought forth - no matter how trivial it may appear. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog and gain some control back in their house. My boyfriend and I have said repeatedly, Chaz's improvements on walks was worth the money alone - all of the other great results were just a bonus!

      Rachel K. - Kingston, ON

      Alana and Marco were great with helping us learn to understand Bailey and for her to learn to understand us. There was an instant change in our dog from the first lesson. Alana and Marco made us feel very comfortable in the training. Bailey used to pull on her leash and barge through doors, but now when we apply the newfound tactics, she holds back. Even my parents have noticed a big change in how she responds to humans. - I would for sure recommend Bark Busters to a person having difficulty with a dog. It has made the household much less tense so we have more time to enjoy the company of our little furry family member.

      Liz N. - Kingston, ON

      Alana and Marco have provided me with the skills and knowledge to help me tame a high energy puppy into an obedient companion for life. Thea and I both thank-you for taking your time to assess our needs.

      Heather G. - Kingston, ON

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