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      I’m Bill, your local therapist of Bark Busters Home Dog Training Oakville. Thank you for considering me for your dog training, puppy training and dog obedience needs. As you research the various dog training options in your area you will likely find there are many ways to approach your dog training needs and many differences in service and experience of trainers. Let me help you understand the advantages of working with me and the Bark Busters system.

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      I have been a full time dog trainer and dog behavioural therapist for 8+ years and have had the pleasure of training 1200+ dogs and their owners. I received the honor of being classified as a Master Trainer in 2009. I currently service Acton, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas. I am committed to a training approach that is trust based and uses no harsh physical devices or methods. Ours is a method that has been in use and constantly refined over the last 27 years.

      Bark Busters’ research has found that dogs misbehave for two

      reasons: unclear communication (they don’t know what we want) and confusing

      pack structure (they’re not sure who their leader is). We have found that the

      key to solving behaviour problems is to communicate with dogs in a language

      they understand. Bark Busters’ proprietary Motivational Communication Training

      helps you do this. When you communicate in a way your dog understands, the

      results will come easily for both you and your dog.

      Our research has found that In-Home Dog Training is more effective than other dog training methods because it minimizes the stress and distractions unfamiliar environments create for your dog. Once we have trained your dog in your home environment, then it is time to introduce distractions. This makes things easier for you and your dog. Simply put our system is based on getting results. Not only will I help you train your dog, more importantly I will teach you how to live and communicate effectively with them.

      An added benefit to your membership is our Written Lifetime Guarantee. This states that I (or another Bark Busters Behaviour Therapist if you move) will return free of charge at any point in your dog’s life should problems reoccur, or a new one emerges. This guarantee is valid anywhere in the world where there is a Bark Buster nearby (we’re currently in 6 countries) or should your dog be re-homed (transfer fee may apply). The condition is that you need to do your homework, maintain the training and let us know if you are having difficulty. Simply put, if you are putting in the effort, then we will support you 100%.

      I am available to help you with your dog training, puppy training and dog obedience training needs on weekdays and weekends, whenever is most convenient for you. Please call 1-866-418-4584 or use the convenient email template below to secure your dog training session. I look forward to helping you achieve the dog training results you desire!

      Proud to provide effective dog training, puppy training and dog obedience training in Acton, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Milton, Misissauga, Oakville and surrounding areas.

      We are very impressed at how quickly we have all learned this technique.  Two weeks into training, I was able to walk her at the without pulling my shoulder from its socket!!!

      Thanks Bill

      Nicole S. - Georgetown, ON

      Lucky will be 7 years old and I thought that he was too old to change his ways, but was I wrong.  The "BAAAH" word works like a charm. Bill taught me what to look for in Lucky's stance and body language and how to think like a dog.  I learned that Lucky and I do not see things the same way.  He thought I lacked leadership skills and therefore he must protect me and everyday now I am proving him wrong.  He still has his moments when he wants to take control, but now I know how to handle it. Bill is a fantastic therapist and extremely knowledgeable and patient.  Thanks for everything.

      Elisabeth B. - Mississauga, ON

      Bill was absolutely amazing and took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. It was so important to explain the psychology behind everything that he was doing (and where we were going wrong with our dog!). The change in our dog was almost overnight and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thank You!

      Salwa S. - Oakville, ON

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