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    My name is Kelly Pollard and I am your local therapist of Bark Busters Home Dog Training London, St. Thomas and surrounding areas. I first came to Bark Busters nine years ago as a client who desperately needed to get my 9 month old dachshund (Leo) to stop barking. I've had dachshunds before and they can be VERY big barkers. This time it was imperative to stop the barking because Leo has a serious medical condition which is made worse when he barks.

    I came into the world of dog ownership many years ago and quite frankly, I am smitten with them. I find the canine brain fascinating and watched many, many t.v. shows and read lots of books on behavior training but I still couldn't manage to communicate with my dogs - to make them understand I didn't need them to bark. This is where Bark Busters helped me. In a small space of time and with a little work - my dogs are much calmer, more responsive and most importantly -- quieter! The satisfaction of having a well tuned relationship with your dog is amazing!

    I was a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse for 30 years, working with families, and caring for their sick and premature babies. I became skilled at teaching the parents how to handle and care for their tiny, precious children. I will
    give the same respect and compassion to you and your dog as I did to those little babies and their families. I look forward to helping you and your dogs.

    As a fully trained Bark Buster, I will coach you in the knowledge, and tools you need to communicate with your dog in a language he understands. This ensures that unwanted behaviors get resolved and stays resolved.

    We think that when we bring a dog into our lives, they will eventually understand our language and understand what we want them to do (and not do). But dogs don't speak "Human" so we need to learn to speak their language so we can communicate with them, and understand them as well.

    Bark Busters methods are effective and easy to use. It is a patented approach which has been successful for almost 30 years! We have the skills to diagnose any dog, any age and any issue. Call today to get more information or to book a lesson. Your dog will thank you for it.

    Excellent service and training from it's up to me to work on the lessons! I have been recommending Bark Busters to everyone!

    Amanda C - London, Ontario

    Kelly is great with helping with Jazzy. First few weeks I saw improvement with Jazz and it didn't get better as I thought. This past week Kelly came and Pointed out that Jazzy wasn't totally calm and I had to make her stay longer when visitors came over. Since Kelly pointed my error out I am really seeing great results and Jazzy is really starting to see me as her pack leader. Kelly has me feeling that I am capable of training Jazz the correct way. I truly feel that Jazzy and I are on the right track. I really liked how Kelly would email me and again told me all she had in the past. I would recommend Kelly without a doubt to family and friends.

    Shirley W - London, Ontario

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    The change in our puppy, Monty, has been extraordinary, and we saw progress on the first day of training. He was always sweet, but his biting and chewing were hard to manage. He is now considerably calmer and more obedient, and much nicer to have around as a result! Kelly's support has been commendable. I have emailed several times with questions and Kelly responds promptly and with effective suggestions - she knows her stuff. To date, our experience with Bark Busters and Kelly has exceeded expectations and we look forward to your support during Monty's next stages of development.

    Alyson R - London, Ontario

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