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    Hello fellow dog lovers, my name is Tim Girouard. I am your local behaviour therapist and Master Trainer for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding areas. I have been a Bark Bu sters behaviour therapist for over 7 years, have trained over 1300 dogs, or should I say dog owners. I have been featured on both “Inside Guelph” and “Rogers Daytime20” TV.

    Call me to inquire or book your appointment: 1-866-418-4584 or 519-993-2908.

    If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably frustrated and/ or embarrassed by your dogs behaviour and don’t know what to do, but know something needs to be done.

    You don’t have to feel embarrassed, frustrated or even helpless. Even with the best efforts and intentions, some dogs don’t respond that well to treat based or physical approaches to training. This is where I can help. With my skills, dedication, and commitment, I will work with you to solve the problems and create a wonderful and peaceful relationship with your dog. I guarantee it! I am excited to help dogs and their owners make a great life together. It is because of my love of dogs that nothing brings me more happiness than to see a troubled owner / dog relationship resolved and both parties happy and excited about living the rest of their lives together.

    I personally know the love that a family dog or dogs can give back when they are a vital part of the family and they know their place. A well behaved dog is like having a well behaved child, they can bring much joy to a family. Unfortunately many owners struggle to achieve this with their dog.

    I will provide you with the tools and support that will give you many years of happiness and companionship with your dog.

    I know Bark Busters can do this so I invite you to call or send an e-mail and I will be happy to come and show you what sheer joy with your pet can be. I invite you to read some testimonials from clients and read some case studies below that show what can and has been achieved.

    Contact me today, lets get started on your better relationship with your dog!!!!

    I warmly invite you to visit the YouTube tab above where you can see and hear me and our philosophy when

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    Read how my clients feel about their experience at this link: 68 Five Star Reviews on Google or follow my Facebook page to see pictures of some of my most recent clients.

    Tim is a great guy. He had Timber under complete control from the moment he walked in until he left. Timber was only 9/10 weeks when Tim came into our home and although I feel she was too young to 100% understand the concept, the things we did back then made a lasting impression and she listens so much better than before. I am not the great pack leader that I should be...but most of the time she is very good for me. My brother who stayed over a couple of nights the day after Tim's visit could not believe the difference in Timber. If you think what Bark Buster's teaches seems 'odd' might be...but it WORKS. Especially if you have TWO STRONG PACK LEADERS. Working 100% TOGETHER is the complete road to SUCCESS.


    Thanks a lot and Timber by the way is doing well now that she is older. I use the 'bahh' and bag method all of the time, Troy believe it or not uses it a little less -surprisingly it still works!. It is very interesting. I am not afraid of her any more which helps, and I have just as much control over her as Troy does (sometimes more).

    Anyhow, thanks again

    Catherine and Troy L and their 12 week old Boxer - Cambridge, ON

    a picture

    Tim was an excellent trainer. We were at a loss on how to get our 2 1/2 month old Boxer, Diesel to co-operate with our commands. Tim explained how we are in control and how to become the pack leader. We have used all the tricks he showed us and are thrilled with how well we have been able to communicate with Diesel now. He is responding much better to our commands. We understand there are many more things to learn and wouldn't hesitate to call Tim back to guide us through the next stage of Diesel's life. Bark Busters has even followed up with us weekly to see if we have any new questions or concerns. So far the initial visit was all we needed to get us on the same page. I would recommend Tim and Bark Busters time and time again! Thanks Tim and Bark Busters from Mike, Emma and a very happy Diesel.

    Michael & Emma R - Guelph, Ontario

    'Tim was amazing!  By the time he left our house we were already noticing a big difference in our dog Remington.  We understood what we needed to do and had a much better understanding of what we were telling our dog with out body language, and more importantly, what he was telling us.  I recommended Bark Busters before Tim came to our house, and will continue to recommend Bark Busters!!!!  Thank you"

    Janet J and her 1 1/2 yr old Cane Corso, Remington - Kitchener, ON

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    Here are some videos from my YouTube channel. Take a look and see some before and after results. You can browse the playlist by hovering over the video and clicking the "Playlist" button top left.

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