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      My name is Sarah and I am your local therapist for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Kelowna and Okanagan Valley. I’ve had a strong love of animals ever since I was a child. Throughout my life I have had many different dogs, and even a horse. Presently, my husband and I live in Kelowna where we have begun our own fur family, or a “Zoo” as my husband calls it. We share our space with two cats, Nero and Cato, as well as our two dogs, Roman and Riley, and even our bearded dragon, Bowser. Most recently we have new tenants who have brought their two Aussie Shepherds, Coco and Rosie, all the way from New Brunswick- there is definitely no shortage of entertainment between all of us and our mixed fur family!

      Roman is a Cane Corso and Riley is an adopted lab/shepherd/terrier mix. I compete with both of our boys in Canadian Kennel Club Rally Obedience and am very proud of how well they have done. Both Roman and Riley have titles and have had high placings in their trials. I treasure the bond I have with my dogs and am so lucky to be able to spend as much time as I can with them.

      Having a dog is such a rewarding experience and I fully understand how poor manners can cause great stress within family dynamics and daily routines. My training will help you and your family get a handle on those behaviours that cause a nuisance, endangerment, and even embarrassment. The methods we use at Bark Busters are very dog friendly and tailored directly to your needs- whatever they may be. I will give each family my all in my training, with the request in return that you follow through on your homework and together we will create a much more enjoyable, happy, and well-mannered companion.

      I am so excited to be following my passion in working with people and their furry companions! I love hearing the success stories from all the owners and seeing the happiness beam from both the owners and their loyal dogs. I have worked with some clients who thought there was no hope, while others were only wanting minor tweaks; however, the methods in which Bark Busters uses to work on dogs of any age or stage of their life allows for success with both the dog and their owner. With our lifetime guarantee I encourage all my clients to contact me if there are ever any set backs along the way- I am here to help, no matter the problem we will tackle it together!

      Thank you to Bark Busters for empowering me to help my clients, thank you to my clients who trust me to step into their lives and bring balance to their “pack”, and thank you to my husband for supporting me and pushing me to pursue my passion, and thank YOU for taking the time to read this! I love what I do, and if you are considering dog training, please consider me as I would LOVE to help.

      “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”
      - Unknown

      Ed was fantastic.........the change in shado following the program has been incredible.  I have already told a few people that are interested and will not hesitate to recommend Ed to anyone that needs some help with their canine family member.

      Colleen - West Kelowna, BC

      We owe Sarah a massive thank you. Our 1.5 year old lab Yoda was adopted last November and we realized quickly that he lacked basic socializing skills. He would become way too excited around new people and forget his manners (e.g., vocalizing, jumping, play nipping). He was also very food motivated and often lacked respect. Sarah took her time and sat with us to gain a thorough understanding of our situation and our goals, all the while clearly explaining the essence of "dog language" and maintaining an optimistic attitude. I loved how she worked with Yoda through us (100% owner involvement) to teach him right from wrong. She was incredibly knowledgeable about dogs in every regard, and was more than happy to pass along literature pertaining to his allergies and diet. We were so proud when we hosted a party of 20 and Yoda was a perfect gentleman. His recall has since improved 100x, and he is so much more willing to listen out of respect rather than for food. This was only after one session. Sarah ensured that her program flowed seamlessly with other training methods we had already implemented, which was very respectful. Thank you from Yoda's family

      Katherine - okanagan

      We recently adopted a rescue dog, who has a lovely disposition but was terrible on leash and never came when she was called. A total flight risk! One lesson with Sarah from Bark Busters and she was listening and being obedient and seemed like a different dog. It was amazing! I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is contemplating doing dog training. It is well worth the cost.

      Megan - Okanagan

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