September 05 2016

We owe Sarah a massive thank you. Our 1.5 year old lab Yoda was adopted last November and we realized quickly that he lacked basic socializing skills. He would become way too excited around new people and forget his manners (e.g., vocalizing, jumping, play nipping). He was also very food motivated and often lacked respect. Sarah took her time and sat with us to gain a thorough understanding of our situation and our goals, all the while clearly explaining the essence of "dog language" and maintaining an optimistic attitude. I loved how she worked with Yoda through us (100% owner involvement) to teach him right from wrong. She was incredibly knowledgeable about dogs in every regard, and was more than happy to pass along literature pertaining to his allergies and diet. We were so proud when we hosted a party of 20 and Yoda was a perfect gentleman. His recall has since improved 100x, and he is so much more willing to listen out of respect rather than for food. This was only after one session. Sarah ensured that her program flowed seamlessly with other training methods we had already implemented, which was very respectful. Thank you from Yoda's family

Katherine - okanagan