December 05 2012

Hi Ed,

I wanted to write you to give you a quick update on Chloe, and to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for all of your help.  It has been only seven days since you came to our house to work with us, and yet it is like we have a different dog already!   Chloe has not been barking at everyone who goes by the window, she is not following us around the house as much or jumping up for attention.  On walks, she is looking to us for cues to stop and go to the bathroom, and she doesn’t even pay attention to the dogs that are barking from their yard as we walk by!  She was out in the front yard with me the other day, and didn’t even bark at the neighbour! For Chloe, this is a huge change in behaviour.  As you know, she was constantly barking at every noise she heard both inside the house and around the yard. 

We know what to do now when she tries to get back some points, and we have learned how to spot her cues when she is thinking about misbehaving so we can catch it before it escalates.  With these tools in hand, we can catch her before anything really becomes a problem. 

I can’t thank you enough for giving us the tools to work with Chloe so she can be a better dog and we can be better owners!


Candy & Caelum W.

Candy W. - Kelowna, BC