December 05 2012

I'm so glad I made the decision to call you. Right away I knew that I was working with the right trainer for both Roxy and I. Your delivery and method is clear and straightforward. Applying the techniques that I learned has made a big difference in the lives of all in our household. Most importantly our Roxy is far calmer and enjoying a higher quality of life.

I now know how to prevent and address problem behaviours giving me more confidence as a pet owner and pack leader. Learning how to communicate in a language my dog understands means we both get what we want and need.

I think about all the frustration and anxiety I could have prevented for both me and my dog had I called you sooner. But its never too late and there are techniques I can now apply in training our other dog too.

I always wanted to walk my dogs more than I did but their constant pulling was beyond aggravating. The 3 simple strategies you taught me have made my dream of peaceful daily walks a reality.

I made the decision to call Bark Busters over other advertised trainers because of a personal recommendation and because of the life long guarantee they offer. It gave me security in making the investment. This is an investment that has paid dividends immediately for Roxy and my family and will no doubt continue to do so for many enjoyable years to come.

If having a calmer, more balanced and content dog is important to you, I urge you to give Ed a won't regret it.

I am recommending Ed and Bark Busters to everyone I know and everyone I meet.

Thanks Ed!

Kimberly B. - Kelowna, BC