December 05 2012

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your follow up phone call today. It is so nice to know I can bend your ear and solicit advice whenever I need to. Having said that, things are going so well with Jorja, I think you may have worked yourself out of a job :)

We are really putting into practice all the things you have taught us. In the five days since we met, I have seen my little princess go from an anxious dog who believed she was responsible for protecting me to a much more relaxed dog who now trusts that I "have her back".

As a work in progress I know I have to control the home front first. I have to be alert to Jorja and any signs that she is entering the orange zone. I am getting better and better with practice. Walks have become less of a chore and more of a pleasant outing.

I have even noticed the changes at work. The courier came and went yesterday and Jorja didn't even bark! We went on an off leash walk around the track and came face-to-face with two deer and with one "Bah" Jorja stopped barking and did not chase after the deer as they fled the scene. Incredible!

I promise to continue to participate in the program we developed together 100%. I promise to forgive myself when I make mistakes or fall back into old patterns. I promise Jorja that I will be her leader and she can relax.

My biggest fear when I hired you through Bark Busters was that I would not be able to cuddle and pamper my dog any more. You have shown me I can, I just have to be in control of if and when this happens.

Thank you seems so small for everything you have done for Jorja and our family. Thank you anyway.

Diane P. - Penticton, BC