Sigrid R. and her rescued chihuahuas Connie and Jennie

Trainer(s): Tim Girouard

Dog Name:  Connie and Jennie

Dog Age:  Connie 16months, Jennie 18 months

Dog Breed:  Chihahuas

Behaviour issues: 

Sigrid rescued Connie Dec '10, and Jennie 1 week prior.   Both barked when the bell rang when people arrived, very persistent about it, and once Sigrid's guests were in the home, they would bark, especially Jennie, whenever they made a movement or sound.  As these two, like all Chihuahua's and many small breeds, have a very piercing bark that became very irritating and embarrassing for Sigrid. 

Outcome Descriptions: 

We made Sigrid the most dominant dog in their pack and therefore the leader and this gave Sigrid the respect to teach both Connie and Jennie that barking is wrong and unnecessary.

Client Comment / Review: 

" I can't believe that my two doggies are such solid, quiet citizens - if I did not experience it personally, I certainly would not have believed it - I  am absolutely thrilled with their progress and it is a pleasure to have them around - wish I had heard about "Bark Buster" with my past doggies. Tim has to be the best trainer around with all the patience in this world - he is excellent - thanks again for everything. "         Sigrid R.