Bark Busters Reviews, Case Studies

Eva and Don

Dog Name: Milo (representative picture)
Representative Image
Problem Description: Eva wrote when inquiring, "We have a Shephard/Corgi cross dog (6 months) that can be somewhat aggressive with people she doesn^t know. She is very affectionate with people she is used to. She also barks at every noise. "
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Dog Name: Remington (Remi)
Problem Description: Remi's main issue is that he barked, alot, when people walked by, and especially when people came to the door.  Being a large dog this would intimidate and make people fearful....He would do it  when he saw dogs on walks and show aggression towards dogs.  This both frightened and...
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Katey and Greg

Dog Name: Franky
Problem Description: When inquiring, Katey and Greg wrote, "We are looking for some help with our dog, Franky. She was rescued as a stray and in the SPCA for a few months. She is approximately 5 years old- a Lab mix. Franky recently finished a basic obedience class, which did nothing for her. She is wonderfully...
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Dog Name: Hudson
Problem Description: Skylar wrote when inquiring, "I have a 2 year old border collie lab cross that is lunging at both children and adults.  He barks uncontrollably outside.  He does not listen when instructed. He will not stay, sit, etc regardless of training with treats or straight diretion.  He...
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Suzie D

Dog Name: Little Bear
Problem Description: Dear Bark Busters, My name is Suzie, and I have a beautiful 2 year old Malamute named Little Bear. Little Bear came from an isolated northern town called Schefferville, QC, where most of the dogs roam free. When I adopted him, I brought him back to the suburbs of Montreal with me. I knew walking...
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Erin and Ken

Dog Name: Abe and Pocket
Problem Description: Erin and Ken have  2  Great Danes, Abe and Pocket.  Erin before the lesson wrote, " Abe is a rescue we got from 'Danes in Distress' last summer.  He is a great dog but has anxiety issues due to how he was raise.  Pocket came from a puppy mill and...
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Samantha and Paul R

Dog Name: Mojo
Problem Description: Mojo's main issue for Samantha and Paul was that he pulls on walks to the point of physical pain, barks crazily and pulls towards dogs, bikes, kids, skateboards when walking.  Mojo was raised in a barn with little interaction with 'life', went to a rescue and now is with...
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Shannon S.

Dog Name: Tarzan
Problem Description: Shannon rescued Tarzan while travelling in Asia, she fell in love with him after seeing him at a rescue facility. He had been severely abused, he had lost one of his fore legs and had spent most of his life in a rescue facility. I worked with Shannon to help is severe anxiety which was troublesome...
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Joanna and Don, Rockwood

Dog Name: Chester
Problem Description: Joanna wrote, "We^d like to talk to someone at Bark Busters about training and behavioural adjustments for our new dog. 3 months ago, we adopted a 2 year old rescue dog (Blue tick coon hound) who is scared of a lot of things and responds by trying to escape the situation and failing that,...
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Shelby and her partner Cory

Dog Name: Tank and Diesel
Problem Description: Both dogs bark when guests arrive on the porch, charge the door still barking when the bell rings, Diesel barks when people are in the house, they are all over guests when in the home and outside, Tank barks and wants to charge when he sees other dogs.    Both Shelby and her partner...
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