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Nancy Mahanger

Greater Calgary including Sundance, Airdrie, Chestermere, Crossfield, Strathmore, Okotoks, High River, and De Winton.

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      My name is Nancy and I am your local dog behaviour therapist for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Calgary.

      Every dog, like every human, is unique. Some are shy, some are nervous. Some are confident, some are timid. Some are couch potatoes, some are exuberant.
      No two are just the same, not even siblings. But the wonderful thing about these amazing animals is that they truly want to be our best friends. But sometimes we communicate with them in a way that they don’t understand. And if your pet doesn’t understand the rules, it is very difficult to follow them!

      I design my training program around your dog’s unique personality and your wants and needs. Training takes place in and around your home, where most behavior issues occur. Together, we can solve any inappropriate, embarrassing or destructive behaviour, humanely and non-physically. All I ask of you is to commit to working with your dog for at least 15 minutes a day. The results will astound you! And the great thing is that Bark Busters methods work for any dog at any age. I have worked with puppies and with senior dogs. Everything from pure bred dogs to mixed breed rescues. All with equal success.

      So, maybe you have a new puppy and you just want to start them off with good manners by teaching them to listen to you. It isn’t much fun to walk a dog that constantly pulls or stops and starts whenever they want to. Perhaps you have a dog who jumps up on people or who barks at every noise. Maybe your faithful friend thinks it is his job to protect you. Or is afraid of strangers? Or other dogs? Maybe he won’t leave the cat alone. Maybe you are just frustrated with trying to teach your dog basic obedience training. These are just of few examples of changes we can accomplish together.

      Whatever your challenge, our dog-friendly techniques quickly teach you how to use body language, voice tones and refocusing techniques to communicate with your dog in a way very similar to the way that dogs communicate with each other.

      I have been so fortunate to have received wonderful knowledge and training in dog behavior and psychology from my time with Bark Busters.

      Let me help you to improve your relationship with your dog with training based on love, leadership and trust. My job is to create a better, happier life for both you and your dog. And I love my job!

      My boyfriend and I decided on Bark Busters because of their lifetime and in-home services (they are also flexible on payment plans). Our 6 month old puppy was lacking some manners and we were not sure how to tackle the training. We have had two lessons so far with Nancy and we have already noticed a difference in our puppy as well as ourselves when handling different situations. :) Nancy is absolutely fabulous. She is warm and very knowledgeable. The lessons have been fun and full of very useful information. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone looking for a trainer!

      Michelle S - Calgary

      Nancy is a great dog trainer! She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and never made me feel like a "bad human". I have two mini schnauzer shi-tzu's that are very excitable and they started listening to Nancy right away. She not only instructs you on what to do, she teaches you the fundamentals on why they act the way they do. Our house is now a quieter and more relaxed environment after training with Nancy and the walks have become more enjoyable for everyone.

      Courtney M - Calgary

      I would recommend Nancy to everyone I know. We called Nancy as soon as we moved to Calgary with our 3 month old puppy. Our dog was starting to show signs of rough playing and aggression in the new home. Nancy helped us to learn a positive way to train our new family member (and ourselves). After her visits you would not even believe our dog was the same puppy, we take her to off lease dog parks and people cannot believe she is only 5 months old. The training tips were more than helpful and to get that quality of training right from the beginning did amazing things for our family. There is also that peace of mind with Bark Busters that we are covered for the life of our dog, and right from a puppy! Thank you so much Nancy!!!

      Shannon B - Calgary

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