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    I’m Kathleen, your local Bark Busters In Home Trainer, serving Brampton, Mississauga, Bolton and Caledon. Like many other Bark Busters, I began as a client. I had a seven-year-old rescue dog who had always loved being around other dogs but who became very volatile when I introduced a new rescue puppy to our home. As surrendering either dog was not an option, I knew I needed help. With one visit, my older dog went from tormenting the puppy to guiding him on how to behave within the household.
    Whatever your behavior goals are, Bark Busters can help you communicate with your dog in a language they understand. And, best of all, we’ll come to your home.
    Bark Busters methods are effective and easy to use. We have a patented approach which has been successful for almost 30 years and we have the skills to diagnose and help any dog. There is nothing more rewarding than the moment when an owner understands how to communicate with their beloved dog and I’m committed to getting you the results you want. No matter the age, breed or size, if you are a willing dog owner, I can help.
    Call today to get more information or to book a lesson. Your dog will thank you for it.

    Here are some videos from my YouTube channel. Take a look and see some before and after results. You can browse the playlist by hovering over the video and clicking the "Playlist" button top left.

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