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Sharing your life with a dog is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you can have. Unfortunately, the challenges of training your best friend can sometimes be overwhelming. That's where Bark Busters can help. Bark Busters In-Home Dog Training offers customized, one-on-one, in your home training for your pooch. Our techniques are dog-friendly, results-oriented and guaranteed for life. Bark Busters has helped over ONE MILLION DOGS become better friends with their guardians. Now, let us help you.

Range of behaviours Bark Busters can help with:
  • Puppy training
  • Leash training
  • Barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggressive dog behaviour
  • Jumping
  • General obedience training
  • And more

I DON'T USE OR CONDONE THE USE OF SHOCK COLLARS http://banshockcollars.ca/

My motto: If you wont Quit I wont Quit, in my experience this is what makes the difference when people call me back for our lifetime guarantee, If you Quit there is really not a lot that I can do to help you, it takes time to change behaviours, some dogs give it up easily, some dogs take a litte more time.

(I am now looking after the Fraser Valley as well, some of my reviews are defaulting to the Vancouver East page...... thanks Elaine.)


Hello and thank you for taking the time to care about your dog.


If you having problems with your dog, call me for free advice I will help you in any way that I can.


If you have come to this page it may be that your dog’s behaviours have caused some emotional stress in your life, or you want to prevent any problems before they start.

I can help you with either.

Your dog is not a bad dog, he simply doesn’t know what you want.

I can help you communicate with your dog, in a canine communication system of  language,

This... is where a lot of the problems are. Clear communication to your dog and especially from your dog.

Teaching you how  to hear that your dog has heard you and is giving you respect.


This is how our program of training works, I come to your home and help you to establish your role as the leader of your pack.
Dogs need the consistency of a strong positve leader, who is able to show them the boundaries needed for them to exist happily within the pack.

That being said, patience, and strong leadership builds confidence. It takes time and work.


The problem is communication, how can you clearly communicate to your dog?

I can help you with that, together we can communicate to your dog, what it is that you want, barking, aggressive to people or other dogs or any other challenging behaviours.

My goal is to help you learn to speak to your dog in his or her own language. Your dog is not a bad dog, he simply does not understand what it is that you want. Bark Busters has been in development for over 25 years, learning the language of the dog.

I will come to your home and help you learn to communicate to your dog what it is that you want him to learn.

That is the key word, LEARN.

Together we will educate your dog, in a non physical, holistic method. You will become the dog trainer. When I leave you will have the tools you need to work with your dog.  As a result I can help you have a better relationship with your dog.

You also have a life of your dog guarantee, I am a resource for you to use as you choose.

When you choose Bark Busters you are not just choosing me as a trainer, you are also choosing a company which will support you through our national experience of trainers, we have monthly conference calls and work together to support each other with difficult cases.

At Bark Busters we are constantly learning and expanding with the latest techniques with respect to training.

I offer a lifetime guarantee for the life of your dog, if any problems arise I will come and help you with those problems as well. There are conditions to the guarantee, however they are reasonable, as long as you are practising the methods that I have taught you and are doing the homework I give you I will work with you to get the behaviours that we agreed upon at the start of our training sessions.

Bark Busters is veterinarian recommended and our unique natural training techniques have proven so successful that we are able to offer a Life of the Dog Guarantee, the only service of it’s kind that is guaranteed for the life of the dog. We will be your partner in educating your dog for any problems he is having now or that may emerge later. Whether you dog is young or old, no matter what breed, no matter what the problem is, get started on your path to a happier home environment and life with your dog.

I look forward to talking with you, please give me a call and we can arrange to meet, you will have the opportunity to see if this is the program for you.

Thank you for your time,


Case Studies

More Case Studies from Elaine Davies
Owner: Sonia U.
Dog Name: Hershel
Problem Description: Puppy issues, obedience, excessive barking at windows/front door; pulling on leash, poor recall, can be timid outside.   Sonia was a first time dog owner who was used to living with cats. ...
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Owner: Angela H.
Dog Name: Scout
Problem Description: Puppy issues, obedience, accidents in the house; pulling on leash, poor recall.   Angela and Petr were having some difficulty house training Scout and it was getting to be more work than...
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Owner: Brenda G.
Dog Name: Gilligan
Problem Description: Barking and jumping up were high on the list of problems, Brenda lives in a condo and worried about the neighbours complaining about Gilligan’s barking; there were also problems with Gilligan...
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Owner: Lucille B
Dog Name: Max & Ruby
Problem Description: Separation anxiety, Barking, poor recall, pulling on leash   Lucille and Paul told me in their inquiry that their greatest frustration and concern is Max the lab doodle.  Max had extreme...
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More Reviews from Elaine Davies
Owner: Michelle K.
Review: Overall there has been a MASSIVE positive change for Bear & I and training/repetition has been incredibly effective. Thank you so much again :)
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Owner: Jan M.
Review: Due to change in spaying date, have not been able to practice Come. Training exercise, working well, even though dog is very strong willed. Issues are not the fault of the trainer; receiving quick responses to questions asked of trainer. Continue to work at monitoring Dog's adrenaline.
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Owner: Bill F.
Review: Very pleased with Elaine's proformance and her knowledge and solutions of what our problems have been with Brandi. Very helpful on contact and has come back to deal with a specific problems. has followed up via phone and e-mails on at least 3 occasions. All in all very pleased with the person...
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Owner: Richard D.
Review: Elaine is professional in her teachings. We saw immediate results which impressed my family. We look forward in working with her in the future.
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Owner: Andrea B.
Review: Our dog is already much improved with what Elaine has taught us! We know what we need to do to continue to get desired results from our dog, it now up to us to be consistent!
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