Bark Busters is a better way to a better dog. Why?

  • Our innovative, dog-friendly methods are based on the way dogs communicate with each other. This makes it easier for your dog to learn, so you see results faster.
  • Our in-your-home training is more effective because it minimizes the stress and distraction unfamiliar environments create for your dog. Dealing with problems where they occur is the best way to solve them. It is also more convenient for you.
  • Bark Busters recognizes that each dog and family is unique, so we design a custom program for each client. We take into account all relevant factors like temperament, behaviour history, age, and environment to design the solution that will work best for you.


Our Methods

Bark Busters methods make it easy for you and your dog. Based on years of studying how dogs interact with each other and years of practical experience solving behaviour problems, Bark Busters founder Sylvia Wilson developed a proprietary technique called Motivational Communication Training in Australia over 20 years ago. She identified the two keys to solving behavior problems effectively were... READ MORE >>

Our Dog Trainers

Bark Busters Behaviour Therapists and Trainers are among the top dog behaviour professionals in Canada. All Bark Busters trainers are personally trained by Barb Cooke, Bark Busters Canada’s Director of Training. This is a rigorous and intensive program... READ MORE >>

Bark Busters History

Bark Busters was founded in Australia in 1989 by renowned behaviour therapists Sylvia and Danny Wilson. Their vision was to save as many dogs as possible from being surrendered to shelters or euthanized because of problems that were seemingly impossible to solve.... READ MORE >>

Barb and Jeff Cooke, Bark Busters Canada